Voter remorse is hard to swallow.

Voter remorse is hard to swallow. When Emanuel Cleaver first ran for representative, I voted for him, thinking he would be firmly pro-life since he is a minister. He definitely leans toward pro-choice. Jacob Turk respects and will protect human life.

Cleaver also stands firm on being “compassionate and humane” toward the 15 million to 18 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. by wanting amnesty and citizenship for them. Due to their income levels, most would be eligible for many benefits. All of you who receive one or more entitlements need to realize this important fact. Your portions of these benefits will dramatically shrink if the illegal immigrants are granted citizenship. It’s time the legal citizen-taxpayer is shown some compassion and humanity.

Turk, as the representative of the Fifth District, would oppose illegal immigration and amnesty. He believes the 700-mile fence on the southwest border needs to be completed and security beefed up.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and ACORN fought to defeat a 2008 bill to require a photo ID card to vote. What is wrong with every voter proving who they are by showing a photo ID? Voting is the most important right belonging to a “legal citizen,” and voter fraud must be stopped. Requiring photo ID would go a long way to stopping it. For this single issue, Carnahan should not be sent to Washington as a senator.

Roy Blunt has supported photo ID for voters and supports securing our borders and enforcing the laws concerning illegal immigrants. If they were enforced, especially in the workplace, illegal immigrants would leave on their own.

Each voter needs to look beyond just voting for a party and instead thoroughly check out each candidate’s voting record, past job performance, and/or beliefs on the issues.