The Sugar Creek Police Department is offering people with outstanding city warrants a chance to turn themselves in.

The Sugar Creek Police Department is offering people with outstanding city warrants a chance to turn themselves in.
The department is holding an “amnesty week” from Nov. 9 to 15.
The week will give people with warrants attached to their name the chance to save money. And it will give the department a chance to save taxpayer money by not having to chase down people with warrants.
Sugar Creek Police Chief Herb Soule said the city has seen a higher number of court non-appearances lately. The department has a backlog of about 200 warrants, according to police.
“It seems like it’s easier for them not to come because of the money issue and take their chances on the warrant,” Soule said.
And they also probably believe police won’t be coming for them.
But after amnesty week, police will be stepping up efforts to serve  outstanding warrants, Soule said.
People who have warrants need to go to the Sugar Creek Police Department, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
 “They can come in anytime day or night,” said Capt. Richard Hodges.
The benefits of using amnesty week can be a big savings for the defendant.
That’s because the  municipal judge has agreed to dismiss the contempt of court charge when the person failed to show up at their original court date. The contempt charge will be dismissed when the person shows up at the new court date and takes care of the original charge at the newly assigned court date.
If the person was arrested by police on the warrant for failure to appear (contempt of court), they would have to post a separate bond for that charge because it constitutes a separate court violation. If they come in during amnesty week, the judge dismisses the contempt charge.
“It’s a chance for the citizen who has an outstanding warrant to come in and get a new court date and start from scratch,” Soule said.
Also, the person won’t be required to post any bond if they surrender.
 “Normally, if we arrest them on the street we require they post a bond,” Hodges said.
The department is sending out letters to the people with warrants to make sure they know a warrant has been issued for them. Some, however, have moved and that’s why the department has contacted local media to spread the word about the amnesty week, Hodges said.
The warrants officers will handle will be all misdemeanors and no felonies. 
“Some of them are going to me traffic warrants but a lot are going to be disturbing the peace, property code violations,” Hodges said.
It’s the first time the city has offered this service, Soule said.
If the person is not sure if they have a warrant, they can call the Sugar Creek Police Department at 1001 Heroes Way at 816-252-7058.