If this is a valley for the Chiefs, it’s about as deep as the Grand Canyon.

This is historically bad – just awful.

Derrick Johnson referred to what the Kansas Chiefs defense is in as a slump after Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.
Slumps are what Royals hitters are accustomed to in a week in July. Yes, football teams suffer peaks and valleys in a season.
But if this is a valley for the Chiefs, it’s about as deep as the Grand Canyon.
This is historically bad – just awful. The Chiefs have lost 19 of 20. Another win this season seems unlikely.
I had praised Herm Edwards for keeping his team competitive in recent weeks. With all the injuries, it seemed like he was pulling off near miracles every week just to keep his team in games.
But the turnovers and penalties returned and the Chiefs gave up the most points in franchise history in the 54-31 loss.
And, as Bill Murray said in the movie “Stripes,” then depression set in.
I’m convinced that the only way to convince Clark Hunt that his team needs to be gutted is by making a point with your wallet. If people not only stop going to the games, but quit buying tickets, then maybe he will get the message that something is seriously wrong with this franchise.
Every week I go out to Arrowhead it’s the same old look after the game. Edwards can’t find the words to explain what is happening on the field, saying “We have to correct it” every time.
Team president Carl Peterson leans on a table with a grimace on his face as reporters ask Edwards questions about why his team is so lousy.
The players have that deer-in-the-headlights look when the TV cameras, microphones and notepads get shoved in their faces.
Nobody on this team has a clue what’s going on and how to fix it. And the ones who are suffering are the fans.
The players are making their money.
The Hunts are making even more money, and they’re saving their money to pay their part of the Arrowhead renovations that we paid for. Meanwhile, the fans have to watch an totally inferior product and have to go through dirt, gravel, dust and construction to watch this wretched mess.
The Chiefs obviously are not doing much to make this team any better. Yes, the run of injuries has been nearly historic, but Peterson and his cronies did little to add depth to this team at the start of the season. And the front-line talent was pretty woeful to start.
Both lines were patchwork. The top two quarterbacks were not NFL caliber. They gave a big contract to a running back (Larry Johnson) who missed a lot of the season with legal and team issues.
They gave more money to a linebacker who is way past his prime (Donnie Edwards) and missed much of the season with injuries. The defense altogether – with the possible exception of a talented young secondary – is awful.
Do I need to go on? No.
It’s time to make a stand with your wallet. Cancel your season tickets. Don’t buy single-game tickets. Stop going and paying that incredibly outrageous $22 parking fee.
Stay home and watch some real teams on TV. When the Chiefs get the message and start putting a real product on the field, then you can go back.
Until then, stay away.