The 2008 KMBC TV-9 / Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association recently held their 36th annual Awards for Valor ceremony and banquet to recognize police officers throughout the metropolitan area who have shown courage and exemplary service in the performance of their duties. KMBC TV-9 News Anchor Larry Moore was master of ceremonies and did a tremendous job relaying each story in which the officers were recognized for their awards.

The Independence Police Department had four officers who received awards and their stories are as follows:

Officer Cory Stoff received the Awards for Valor Gold Award for helping in the apprehension of a suspect who was believed to have committed several jewelry store larcenies in the metropolitan area. The suspect was known to be armed and had an extensive criminal record including several felony warrants from Kansas and Missouri. Officer Stoff and Trooper Utterback of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who also received the award, encountered the suspect in front of a store after a vehicle pursuit from Blue Springs. The suspect raised a handgun to shoot Officer Stoff and both officers fearing for their safety, the safety of the public, and fearing the possibility of the suspect taking hostages, responded by firing on the suspect, stopping him. They affected the arrest and began first aid on the suspect who was transported to the hospital.

Officer Seth Bosch received the Life Saving Award for helping save the life of a homeless man he observed sitting on the 9th Street Bridge which spans I-35 and I-70. Officer Bosch saw the man sitting at the mid-point of the bridge with his leg dangling over the side toward the highway below. Officer Bosch contacted IPD Dispatch to request assistance from the Kansas City Police Department. When assistance arrived both officers approached the man, quickly grabbed him and pulled him to safety. The man was homeless, depressed, intoxicated, and admitted he wanted to jump and end his life. Officer Bosch and the KCPD Officer saved the subjects life and saved the public traveling on the highway during a peak traffic condition.

Officer Brett Duncan and Officer Larry Petree also received the Life Saving Award for their action in observing a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot while on motorcycle patrol and stopping to check it. As they approached the vehicle they discovered a lady inside the vehicle who appeared to be unconscious. Upon further inspection they discovered she was not breathing and had no pulse. They called dispatch for medical assistance and immediately began performing CPR. These efforts continued until medical assistance arrived and the victim was transported to a hospital emergency room where the victim eventually was revived. The medical personnel who responded later advised that if these officers had not conducted CPR when they did, she would not have survived.

These officers are an example of the spirit and dedication all of the Independence Police Department personnel exhibit every day in their work. We are proud of them and honored to have them recognized.