Bob Fast is a member of the Blue Springs Waste Disposal Task Force and is environmental responsibility committee member for Renew the Blue

To the editor:

As a resident of Blue Springs, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of individuals who take pride in this city. I would take time to commend all of them, but today I would just like to concentrate on Jeff Quibell.

His loyalty and service to the community have impressed me greatly. He always has his finger in every pie and speaks up to right a wrong. He keeps current on the issues. He is extremely approachable and is always available to hear and discuss your comments or to answer your questions. Jeff is involved in so many aspects of charity that I often wonder how he finds time to enjoy life and family, but he does, and does them both well.

Jeff is running for the City Council in District 1. I plan to vote for him, and I hope that you will too. Jeff is the man you see; he’s no fake. Vote for Jeff.