Clouds will float through from time to time, but mostly it looks like clear, warm weather through Thursday for the metro area.

The National Weather Service says the highs Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the 80s, with lows in the 60s, followed by a high of 73 Thursday. After that, it could get rainy and stormy. There’s a 30 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms Thursday night, a 40 percent chance Friday, a 50 percent chance Friday night, and a 30 percent chance Saturday and Saturday night.

Frost isn’t expected to be a problem. Although readings in the upper 30s were reported in some areas early this morning, it’s not expected to get below 50 for several days. The forecast low Sunday night is 42.

The Weather Service says the La Nina pattern over the central Pacific Ocean, a common winter phenomenon, is breaking up and is likely to be gone by the end of April. La Nina and El Nino patterns tend to make the weather more predictable. La Nina tends to keep the weather drier in the southwest U.S., where some of the weather affecting the Midwest is generated. The fading of La Nina will lead to somewhat more unstable weather and less confident forecasts, officials say.

National Weather Service, Pleasant Hill: