To the editor:

As we are coming up to a 2012 election, I am again warning you to beware of Barack Hussein Obama. He has fooled to many American voters with his lies. Some say he’s a good campaigner. A liar has to be good to sell his lies to the people.

I will point out the lies. I have no way of judging the future but by the past. I have but one lamp to guide my feet and that is by experience. When he was campaigning, he said his government would be an open one. Do you remember his back-door dealing with the drug manufacturers and AFT selling guns in Mexico? Do you remember the stimulus package? He said if there was one earmark, he would not sign the bill. There was not just one earmark, there were 980 earmarks.

He has violated his oath of office. He has violated the War Powers Act. The American people must humble themselves to pray to our heavenly father for his power and influence so he will penetrate the minds and hearts to urge those who are not registered to vote to do so and vote. I hope and pray it will be votes that elect the good conservatives to the House and Senate and a conservative president. Don’t forget to vote for Turk for Congress, 5th District!