Grain Valley’s 7-0 win over Lee’s Summit Community Christian Friday was a celebration of the first week in the history of Eagles soccer.

Grain Valley’s 7-0 win over Lee’s Summit Community Christian Friday was a celebration of the first week in the history of Eagles soccer.
“It was a rough first game but its really coming together,” Grain Valley coach Aleana Cavalluzzi said. “We played well tonight. We did what we wanted to do.”
Sophomore forward Ashley Bundren scored a natural hat trick in the first 35 minutes of the game, scoring 10, 14 and 35 minutes into the first half. Bundren finished the game with five goals and two assists.
“I think its really good considering what the weather was like,” Bundren said. “It shows how well we passed the ball around.”
Bundren scored the first seven goals in Grain Valley (2-1) soccer history before junior forward Jessica Redmon scored with less than a minute remaining in the first half with the assist from Bundren.
“I was really excited. I couldn’t believe it,” Redmon said. “The ball was right there and everyone was in this crowded area. It wasn’t the best kick, but it went in.”
This is Redmon’s first season of competitive soccer. She never expected to score a goal in her third game. With that out of the way, Redmon can now focus on her season-long goal that she’s been telling everyone, “I’m going to score a header.”
“She had never played soccer, so it was huge for her to score a goal,” Cavalluzzi said.
Grain Valley’s learning curve was pretty steep the first game, losing 9-0 to Warrensburg. But after that, it’s been all success for Grain Valley, beating Lincoln Prep 4-0 and Lee’s Summit Community Christian by seven on Friday. Several of the girls on the team have never played competitive soccer before this week. Even with the lack of experience, the Eagles still finished the week with a winning record.
 “I have to be honest, we stunned ourselves being 2-1 right now,” Bundren said.
In the second half, it was obvious that the Eagles were playing in the second game in two days, but the team realized that all the offseason conditioning is finally kicking in. The 80 minutes of game time can turn into a marathon, especially when the temperatures are hovering around freezing.
“Getting in shape was a lot of fun,” Bundren said. “Sweating and running up and down the field, it’s paying off right now.”
 Cavalluzzi especially noticed how her team passed the ball around, switched fields a couple of times and the back line that only allowed three shots on goal. It was the second consecutive shutout for goalie Kelsi Douglass.
“Our defense is really playing strong,” Cavalluzzi said. “They’re starting to mark up, cover and put pressure on the ball – all the things we’ve been talking about for three weeks.”
Midfielder Katelyn Barr scored her first high school goal after Bundren passed the ball to her from the corner in the 64th minute.
“It’s really amazing because no one expected us to come out here and win,” Barr said. “They thought we’d come out here and go defeated the whole season. It’s good to come out and show people that we can really play.”