If you’ve been a fan of Kansas City baseball over the years, disappointment is not a stranger.

If you’ve been a fan of Kansas City baseball over the years, disappointment is not a stranger.

The golden years for the team (1975-85) are what keeps hope alive for the hometown guys. I purchased half-season tickets this year to enable me to attend the All-Star Game festivities. We have gone to nine games so far this year and witnessed nine losses. You heard me right – 0-for-9!

I guess that makes it safe to say that we are in a slump. We have gotten to know some of the season-ticket holders around us and the natives are definitely restless. In spite of the record, I still believe positives exist to point to a brighter future.

The Royals have experienced some huge bad breaks with injuries. The knee injury suffered by Salvy Perez has hurt badly. Humberto Quintero and Bryan Pena neither have the offensive potential of Perez, and opposing teams run a lot on them. Thank goodness Perez is predicted to rejoin the team within a month.

The starting pitching has also been a weak link thus far in the season. When you factor in Tommy John surgery for our best young starter, Danny Duffy, along with injuries to Jonathan Sanchez, Felipe Paulino and Everett Teaford, it all adds up to additional trouble for the starters.

Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur have had horrible offensive starts. All three of these guys have potential to pull the Royals out of their early slump. As a guy who tends to see the glass half full instead of half empty – Mike Mousakas, Billy Butler, and Alcides Escobar are having good years. Billy Butler has a very real chance to drive in 100 runs for the first time in his major league career. Escobar and Moustakas are legitimate All-Star representatives for the team.

The bullpen has been solid most of the year, but it is much overworked due to the poor starting pitching. Luke Hochevar and Jonathan Sanchez have blown up early as starters and Ned Yost has had go to the pen early. Relievers Greg Holland, Tim Collins, Aaron Crow, Jose Mijares and Jonathan Broxton have done some good things.

Defensively, the team is much improved except at catcher and possibly center field. Escobar, Moustakas, Hosmer, Gordon and Francoeur are excellent defenders. If Perez returns, along with Lorenzo Cain, they should be a very good defensive team. Jarrod Dyson can run but isn’t a good outfielder. Mitch Maier is a great outfielder but is not a major league hitter.

Many fans have criticized Ned Yost, but the guy hasn’t gotten a break all year. He has tried a lot of different lineups to try to make it work. His starting rotation has added big time to the problem.

All in all, it’s fair to say these young players needed more seasoning, but they are certainly in the process of being developed in the big leagues. It is very frustrating for all Royals fans, the players and the entire organization.

n I just wish we could trade the Royals’ color guy, Rex Hudler, for anyone in the world. I am trying – the guy just seems to be in his own world. Man, I miss Splitt!

n I’ll Have Another would be a perfect Triple Crown winner. Love that name for obvious reasons.
n LeBron James’ comment about winning multiple titles in Miami will haunt him forever and rightfully so.

n My quote of the week is from the 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford: “I’m a determined person. And if I’ve got an objective, I’ll make hours of sacrifice – whatever efforts are needed. Some people call it plodding. The word is somewhat downgraded, but I’d rather be a plodder and get some place than have charisma and not make it.”