What matters most is being able to spend the day like everyone else - over ice cream, cake and presents.


There are some upsides to having a birthday once every four years.   The presents are bigger, the parties are larger and family comes from all over to mark the special occasion. At least that is how it is at the Wilson residence.   Other than the fact that her birthday falls on Leap Year, Amber Wilson is a typical 8-year-old.   The Cardinals fan-in-training will get the chance to celebrate on her actual birthdate and plans to do it in style. A trip to a Build-A-Bear workshop and a sleepover with 10 of her friends will be a part of Friday’s celebration.   Since it only occurs every once in awhile, Amber gets away with more this year, parents Rob and Susan said.   It’s a good thing for a girl who wants high-tech gadgets. On her wish list is a Wii and a laptop.   Amber was born Feb. 29, 2000, in Huntingdon, England. The family moved to the lake area a year later.   At the time, the couple didn’t put much thought into their firstborn’s birthday.   “It wasn’t until she was about out that we realized she was going to be born on leap year (day),” Rob said.   The decision on when to celebrate Amber’s birthday a majority of the time was easy.   During non-leap years, the most logical choice was March 1, Rob said.   Amber, whose favorite subject in school is recess, says she thinks it is cool to be one in a select crowd that can call Leap Year their birthday.   But what matters most is being able to spend the day like everyone else - over ice cream, cake and presents, she says.   Her grandparents, who travel between their homes in England, Lake of the Ozarks and Florida, will be coming from out of the country to make an appearance at this year’s party.   Contact this reporter at charisp@lakesunleader.com.