Around Town readers will perhaps remember Pat Cotterell, a retired Independence nurse who shared some miracles and angelic encounters she experienced during a 40-year career – 32 of which were in critical and intensive care units at local and area hospitals.

Around Town readers will perhaps remember Pat Cotterell, a retired Independence nurse who shared some miracles and angelic encounters she experienced during a 40-year career – 32 of which were in critical and intensive care units at local and area hospitals.

In May, the 1961 William Chrisman High School graduate shared some of the inspirational stories earmarked for her first-ever novel, “I  Witness to Miracles and Angel Intervention: Plus More Stories of Inspiration and Hope.”

The book, though, was never published. Instead, Pat decided to take the 16 stories she had compiled, put them on an 80-minute CD and sell them for $9 each.

Her No. 1 mission: To sell the CDs so she’ll have enough funds to send them as a love gift to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I want to be able to contribute whatever it costs to get them to the troops,” she says of the CDs, which she and a friend made about three weeks ago.

The voice on the CD is that of Pat, who opted to tell her stories on a CD – rather than in a book – because it was more cost efficient.

Seven stories on the CD are centered around seven different patients under Pat’s loving care. Five were brain injured, one was an angel-intervention patient and the other was a (hopeless) psychiatric patient.

These seven fact-based experiences are told in a story format. The others aren’t.

“My other experiences are just me telling what happened,” she says. “They are basically what happened to me or a family member, where I considered it pretty miraculous or where angels were involved.”

In the story, “Mother, The Angel and God’s Abounding Love,” Pat tells about growing up fearing what she would do if her mom, who was her total life and security, died before she did.

“Even as a child, I was so worried that if mother died before I did, I would hate God ... and I didn’t want to hate God.”

Then came that spring day in 1970 when Shirley, Pat’s 52-year-old mother, suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. She died on Good Friday – five days later – at Kansas City’s Research Medical Center.

What happened next was miraculous. En route to the hospital to stay with her critically ill mom, Pat looked into the clear, blue March sky and saw a full rainbow above the Medical Center.

Not knowing the condition of her mom, Pat knew the rainbow was a sign from God. His way of revealing his love and assuring the family everything was going to be OK.

As she walked toward the Intensive Care Unit waiting room, two pastors who had been sitting with the family since Day 1 walked slowly up to her and quietly told her they were going down the hall to see how her mother was and would give her an update when they returned.

As the clergymen turned around and walked down the quiet hospital hall, another miracle occurred. Suddenly, everything around Pat disappeared. All she could see was a bright golden glow that engulfed her and a white shaft of light.  It was through this shaft Pat sensed her mother going to heaven. In the background, a multitude of angels sang and praised God at her mom’s homecoming.

“It was absolutely THE most spiritual experience I have ever had,” Pat says of the vision. “And I knew God didn’t want me to hate Him – and I didn’t either.”

From that time on, the thought of hating God “dissolved instantly,” she recalls, because of her geat love for her Creator.

“I knew He was concerned how I might feel and He showed (me) that full rainbow because He wanted me to know Mother was going to be just fine and He would take care of me. ...It was a miraculous experience.”

One angelic experience involving three miracles is very close to Pat. The story, “Angels Watching Over Us,”  unfolded in the wee hours of Sept. 11, 1965, as Pat was driving to Independence. Her husband, Chuck, was in the front passenger seat, with his head resting on the armrest of the door. Sitting in the rear seat behind Chuck was Bud, a longtime friend, whose head rested on the door.

Minutes before a car driven by an 18-year-old topped a hill on U.S. 50 and broadsided the new Ford on the passenger’s side, Chuck moved his head from the armrest to Pat’s lap. Bud, though, didn’t change positions.

Switching positions was a life-saver for Chuck. Had he not done it, he would have been killed instantly. That was miracle No. 1, says Pat, who suffered a fractured skull and other head and facial injuries.

Miracle No. 2, was swerving the car to prevent a head-on collision.

“Sadly, Bud was killed,” she notes, “but (the crash) would have killed all of us if I hadn’t (swerved).”

As for Miracle No. 3, “It was the best one of all,” Pat says, explaining Bud was saved the night before at a church service by receiving Jesus into his heart as his personal Savior.

“He was so excited he could hardly sit still,” Pat recalls. “That’s all he wanted to talk about. He was so happy.”

Pat believes her “Miracle and Angelic Intervention” CD will let people know that God loves them. And no matter what happens, there is always hope.

“No matter how hopeless something seems to be, God is watching over us and loves us beyond what we can imagine.”

Pat wants these stories to inspire people and to encourage them not to give up hope, because God is always there for them.

“All they have to do is ask (God) and He will be there.”

Any local church or civic group interested in hearing more of Pat’s miraculous and angelic intervention stories, can call her at 816-350-3090. She’ll be speaking free through November.

To purchase a CD, send a check to: Hart Books, P.O. Box 1761, Independence, Mo., 64055. There is an additional $2.50 postage and handling fee. If you have a Pay Pal account, you can purchase a CD through by e-mail at