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News to know

Actor Sherman Hemsley, who gained fame playing George Jefferson on "The Jeffersons," died Tuesday at the age of 74, police said. Jefferson also starred as Deacon Ernest Frye on "Amen." Hemsley was found dead in his El Paso, Texas, home, according to reports.

Quote of note

"It seems clear that the country has hit a bottom in home values. The housing recovery is holding together despite lower-than-expected job growth, indicating that it has some organic strength of its own." - Stan Humphries of Zillow, commenting on the report Tuesday that homes values rose in the past year. Prices were up 0.2 percent from last year.

Hot video: Raw video: Man, dog rescued from Mt. Hood

A man and his dog were rescued unharmed from a steep slope along Oregon's Mt. Hood. The man had gone down the slope to rescue his golden retriever on Monday, and they both got stuck.


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