Kids these days have it great. Too great, almost.

Kids these days have it great. Too great, almost.

With a small percentage that is the exception, I think my generation is the most self-absorbed of them all. I know I’m sounding like another annoyed adult and pardon my french, but teenagers are so bratty now. My generation just has this sense of entitlement that is undeserved.

Parents want better for their children than they had growing up, but at what cost? Many children don’t understand the self-satisfaction of earning something, rather than just having it handed to them. When everything is handed to you, then it means nothing.

I have been guilty of this too. I’m trying to counteract it by relying on myself to get through college and hopefully get a job soon. I’ve worn my mom down over the years and I feel pretty bad about it.

Yes, many teenagers have jobs and are very mature. Many are also very immature and don’t realize the value of a dollar. They also don’t realize the importance of a good education and a strong work ethic. The future is looking bleak right now, and America is not on top anymore, job-force wise.

Some argue, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This is true in a way. Strong connections are important but you also have to know how to do something to get anywhere. And if you’re going to be bratty and expect things to be given to you, then who do you think is going to help you out?

In this day and age, more than ever children want to be famous. They don’t want to actually earn a living, or even be talented. They just want to be famous. Now you can post a video online, get a million views and become the next Numa Numa Guy. But in 50 years, people aren’t going to remember Numa Numa Guy, history books won’t be writing about Tila Tequila and everyone will forget all about the Kardashians. This is because people like Tila Tequila, Numa Numa Guy and the Kardashians are a dime a dozen, and nobody really cares. It’s a very superficial world we live in.

We’re spoiled, self-absorbed and ignorant of world affairs unless a celebrity talks about it on Twitter. Rather than use our technological advances for the better, we’re sort of squandering everything.

I think as a generation, we’re capable of doing great things and it’s up to us to improve the world, but we really need to grow up.