Carl Mesle, Independence

To the editor:

It was my privilege to attend the Community Thanksgiving service at the First Christian Church Sunday afternoon.

It was a lovely service, lead by the pastors and with music supplied by the choirs of the First Christian, First United Methodist and the First Presbyterian churches. The service featured a Thanksgiving responsive reading, seasonal hymns, scripture readings and an opportunity to share our financial gifts with the Community Services League, Hillcrest Ministries and The Salvation Army, all of whom were represented.

For the few dozen in attendance, it provided a meaningful worship experience, but we were saddened by the relatively small attendance. Many can recall when this service filled the church. The question arises, “What is happening to our worshipping community?” While we are blessed by the services of the many who do care, those who are unresponsive appear to be reflecting the thought, “When we have full stomachs, who needs God?”

We all have busy lives, so I will have to assume that the absentees were simply “too busy.” Perhaps we need a reminder that the basis of our democracy is founded on the spiritual values espoused by our varied faiths – the values of trust, compassion and justice, without which values our nation could well be just another dictatorship.