Good morning, I’m sitting here and again I have so much to tell you about.  The first item to discuss is last week and Veterans Day, actually in many places Veterans appreciation took place at different restaurants all week.

Good morning, I’m sitting here and again I have so much to tell you about.  The first item to discuss is last week and Veterans Day, actually in many places Veterans appreciation took place at different restaurants all week. 

Last Tuesday I joined my hubby (whose name is Bill), I was told it was about time I mentioned his name; anyway we went to Hy-Vee at 23rd and Lees Summit Road for the Veteran’s Day breakfast. There were many veterans taking advantage of the breakfast, in fact I was told that our Hy-Vee served 748 veterans.  Isn’t it amazing the number of veterans in one location for breakfast, I can’t imagine how many other veterans were fed at other locations.  I want to thank you HyVee again for your generous support of our veterans.

At breakfast I decided to sit down at one special table and talk to the veterans, I recognized one of the veterans, thanks Phil.

While conversing with these gentlemen I discovered most branches of the military were represented.  I spoke with guys from the National Guard, Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy.  I couldn’t believe I was conversing with so many branches of service at one table.  Of course you knew what branch of service they represented as they wore their respective hat and some of the guys wore jackets representing their branch of service.  I was so honored to talk with these guys and hearing about their time spent in the military   I spent most of my morning with these special guys.  It was a special day for these guys and HyVee you started off their morning very pleasantly for these guys. On behalf of VFW Post 1000 I would like to thank HyVee at 23rd and Lee Summit Road for your generosity and your support of our veterans.

The next item I would like to mention is last Saturday at VFW Post 1000 we hosted our first annual VA and Local Nurses Appreciation Day.  For me the event turned out to be very special.  I met a network of ladies that assisted me in this event and will help me with next year’s Nurses Appreciation Day. 

The purpose of this event was to show our nurses an appreciation and thanks for everything they do for us all year long.  Again, thank you nurses for your dedication and loyalty. We will be celebrating nurses’ appreciation day again next year so mark next November on your calendar and attend this event.  Independence I would like to thank you for the generous donations you provided for our nurses.  

While I was visiting with ladies at the Nurses Appreciation Day I learned several things I would like to share with you.  I discovered that November is Hospice month.  Hospice again provides another faction of medical staff and individuals that are available for anyone needing the assistance of Hospice.  I will elaborate more on this topic in the future. I have a lot of information that the public needs to know about and be aware of. 

However, I would like to mentions several important facts about Hospice.  Did you know that all individuals are entitled to hospice?  Are you aware there is no cost involved with using Hospice?  Did you know that you don’t have to have cancer to use the services of Hospice?  Did you know that Hospice doesn’t stop when your loved one passes away?  I truly appreciated talking to these ladies and realized that Hospice is a true blessing if your loved one needs this special care and attention.

The next thing I would like to mention and talk about is Kathy Lee the VFW Service Officer. 

Anyone that has dealt with Kathy knows that she has provided many hours of service and dedication to our veterans and assisting them with obtaining VA Benefits.  Kathy was a nurse in Vietnam and truly understands what our veterans have been through or experiencing today.  I wanted to give you a little history about Kathy if you don’t already know her.  

 Kathy told me that she had a flag presentation to attend that evening at Barnes and Noble in Zona Rosa.  Two flags were being presented this week-end one to a World War II veteran and one to a Vietnam veteran. 

The World War II veteran was from Liberty and yes the Vietnam recipient was Kathy.  She sat there and said there were more deserving individuals to receive this flag but anyone that knows Kathy there is no one more deserving than her. 

Bill and I attended the flag presentation for Kathy Lee.  I am so grateful we learned about this event and were able to attend. The flag ceremony was presented by Whiteman Air Force Base Color Guard and after the ceremony the music was provided by the 5Star Jazz band.  The jazz band was fantastic, and; if you haven’t heard of them they are comprised of young ladies and men ages ranging 14 through 19 throughout the Kansas City area.

They provide this music to the area at no charge all they ask for is donations to help them with their costs. They played jazz music all of which was played and dedicated to our military and veterans.  That evening at the flag ceremony, I learned something that I should have known but I discovered that each fold of the flag has a meaning.  I will tell you in a later article what each flag fold means.  What an education and special evening.  I also was honored to witness the Patriotic Guard at a World War II Navy gentleman’s funeral. 

There is nothing more American than seeing all the flags displayed along the street. One police officer said he has been doing military funerals for 18 years. Again I would like to elaborate on this group more in the future.

These two weeks have been extremely gratifying and touching for me.  Thanks for letting me share with you.  Have a good week and talk to you soon.  I can be reached by email at