Certain congressmen are toying with the idea of a government shutdown.

To the editor:

Certain congressmen are toying with the idea of a government shutdown.

The feeling in the country is especially angry at federal employees, such as the 2,000 people at the Internal Revenue Service Center on Pershing and Pennway in Kansas City. They receive salaries averaging somewhere in the 30s with decent benefits. In the Midwest, they can live a relatively decent, lower middle-class life.

The math of laying off these government workers does not add up. It will not save taxpayers money or slow down the hemorrhaging of national debt, if you do the math. There are 2,000 Kansas City IRS workers who handle refund and balance-due processing, not only for Missouri but also as far away as New York and New Jersey.

An empty IRS building in downtown Kansas City cannot process balance-due tax returns or refunds/tax credits (child tax credits, etc.) According to the National Taxpayers Union only 50 percent of U.S. taxpayers pay income tax. Most of us overpay and get refunded what we overpay.

A large number of taxpayers are unaware that of the many millions of individual tax refunds issued by the IRS, all refunds that remain unprocessed beyond 45 days accrue interest. This interest is paid out of the federal treasury and swells the national debt.

Perhaps Congress plans on just seizing all unprocessed taxpayer refunds and paying down the federal debt that way, through a back-door tax increase. How dishonest that would be, what a betrayal of tea party ideals.

In my opinion, all taxpayers seeking refunds not yet received should call their congressman, especially if they are unwilling to come to a compromise and stop the government shutdown. After April 8 it may be too late to stop the impending crisis.