March marks my 30th anniversary as a hairstylist! What a blast it has been so far. I really enjoy my work.

March marks my 30th anniversary as a hairstylist! What a blast it has been so far. I really enjoy my work.

Over the years, there have been some things I have observed that have always rang true.

Everyone is going to have a bad hair day from time to time. It might be due to the weather, your own styling abilities or a bad haircut. It happens. Here are some ideas for you to try if you find yourself in this predicament.

When you walk out of a salon and are displeased with your cut, it can be very upsetting. It may even take a day or two to figure that your cut is a bit off or that you simply can’t work with it yourself. It’s hard enough to explain to your regular, trusted stylist (let alone a new one) the cut you saw on the girl at the Chiefs game last Sunday … or the gas station as she drove away. Get the drift?

Sometimes cuts are just a bit off, and sometimes they can just be bad. Here are a few tips to help you get though the bad time.

Don’t panic. Hair can actually go into a temporary state of “shock” immediately after it is cut. Give your hair a day or so to relax into the new style. You may discover that your hair is falling nicely into place. If not, contact your stylist and ask them to adjust the cut if possible. It usually can be tweaked even if you have to agree to a style that is a bit shorter.

It is better to work with a trusted stylist than to just find a new one all the time. Give your guy or gal a chance to make it right by you. No one is perfect, and your hairdresser belongs in the same category as you. Remember, even the best stylist has an off day. Be willing to let them try to tweak the style to your satisfaction. Most hairdressers will adjust a cut within 48 hours without additional charge.

Ask politely and don’t wait too long after the original cut. Remember also that it could be you are not styling it correctly or you might need to add a new styling product to make a look work. Your hairdresser will be able to help you with this. If the hairdresser is new and you don’t feel that you can trust them, go back to a trusted stylist that you have seen before or ask someone you know for a recommendation.

After all this, while you are growing out a bad cut, try adding some style and accessories. For instance, if the hat fits, wear it! If your hair is too short, try having some extensions added, pick up a few hairpieces or buy the new, really cool clip-in extensions. You can add gobs of hair in just minutes. For bangs that are too short, blow dry them straight down and sweep aside. Then, secure them with a hair clip or glittery bobby pin. Add body to your hair with Velcro rollers or whip out the old curling iron and hot rollers. “Bend and wave” can hide a bevy of mistakes. Soft curls and waves are in style. For those of you with wavy hair, go straight to add length. If your hair is wavy or kinky, straighten it out to give it some length.

Remember that your hair will recover no matter how bad you it looks. It grows about a quarter- to a half-inch a month, so very soon you will be back in good shape!
Have a beautiful day!