To the editor:

It’s wonderful to see Independence is warming to the thought of hockey. I suspect there is a fan base there already, thanks to previous teams in Kansas City. But this is your team, and that will make it special.

It’s also good to see that one of your hometown boys has been instrumental in bringing hockey to Independence. Bob Rennison has not only been a hockey professional in the front office, but he’s a great fan of the game as well.

We know Bob well here in Topeka, where he not only worked in the front office but was the voice of our teams. We are happy for Bob that he will get the chance to bring his love of the game to his hometown. We also hope he will be the radio voice of Independence hockey as well. He’ll not only do a great job, but he’ll bring his knowledge of the game and the Central League in particular to the fans.

Congratulations, Bob, and congratulations, Independence. Enjoy your new team!