What humans consider fun and exciting may not be so for animals. The mere sight of a mask sends our Labrador mix into a howl-barking frenzy complete with hackles raised.

Halloween is fun for children and adults alike. Children love trick or treating for candy. Adults like to dress up and act like fools when no one knows who they are. One member of the family that needs consideration during Halloween is the family pet.

What humans consider fun and exciting may not be so for animals. The mere sight of a mask sends our Labrador mix into a howl-barking frenzy complete with hackles raised. While the ghouls roam the streets in search of candy, Fido and Fluffy will be better off inside where they are safe.

Older kids and young adults may find it fun to tease animals that are outside. A dog that is tied outside is vulnerable to anyone who comes along. Tethering a dog 24/7 not only makes the dog aggressive, but it creates a fearful atmosphere since the animal cannot escape from harm. Bring your dog inside where he is safe and he will feel secure.

Candy is not only a hazard for children’s teeth, but also to animals. Chocolate can be deadly for dogs and cats. The ASPCA warns that candy and gum made with artificial sweeteners like Xylitol can poison dogs. Small amounts of this deadly ingredient can cause the dog’s blood sugar to drop, leading to seizures.

Caution also needs to be used when disposing the candy wrappers. Dogs that eat anything (like our Lab) can get these cellophane or tin foil wrappers stuck in their throats and choke to death. If an animal does swallow these wrappers, there is a possibility of an intestinal blockage. One of our terrier mixes at ABF recently had two surgeries to remove a squeaker and remnants of a stuffed animal from his intestines. Thankfully, we did not lose him.

We also need to be careful when the trick-or-treaters come to the door. Fido or Fluffy may become scared and run outside. The best safety measure you can take is to have your pet micro-chipped. Spay & Neuter Kansas City offers microchips for your pet for only $15. Your pet should also wear a name tag with your name, address and phone number. Those who have lost pets and never found them know the horror of never knowing what happened to their pet. Please be a good guardian, keep your pets safe, and secure from harm!


The following animals are available for adoption at the Independence Animal Shelter. Visit the shelter at 875 Vista Drive or call 325–7207 for more information. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.

6260526 male Shih Tzu, black/gray, 1 year. 6275315 male Shih Tzu, gray/white, 2 years. 6275385 female Shih Tzu, black, 2 years. 6283337 male Pomeranian, red/white, 4 years. 6216776 male terrier, brown, 5 years. 6251520 female terrier/retriever mix, cream, 2 months. 6279146 male Jack Russell Terrier, red/white, 10 months. 6246256 male Chihuahua, cream. 6232418 female retriever, golden, 3 months. 6214798 male Blue Heeler, black/white, 1 year. 6277681 male Labrador/retriever mix, black/white, 4 years. 6269592 male Boxer, red, 4 years. 6275545 male German Shepherd, black/tan, 3 months. 6248144 male Rhodesian Ridgeback, red, 4 years. 6255553 female Boxer mix, brindle, 3 years. 6264887 male Doberman/terrier mix, brown, 1 year. 6255648 female German Shepherd, black/red, 1 year.

There are lots more dogs, puppies, cats and kittens available for adoption.