To the editor:

In a recent letter Ms. Pettigrew (Oct. 21, “Stolen campaign signs hint of something worse”) described that the morning following the third presidential debate that her Obama/Biden and Yes We Can signs were stolen from her yard and that all the like signs in her neighborhood were also gone, leaving McCain/Palin signs untouched

As to her four points listed in summary:

I agree that this act is trespassing and stealing.

I agree that her harmless sign does not infringe upon anyone’s choice to make a decision of their own.

I don’t believe the theft of her signs has in any way limited her freedom of choice, and I believe that even though her signs were stolen she still has the freedom to vote for her choice of candidate.

However, it disturbs me that she makes a leap from her signs being stolen to questioning whether they will be “replaced with burning crosses.” Before we can even begin to go to that conclusion we need to know: Did the person stealing her signs know her race and religion, etc.? Did the person only steal signs from others of the same race and religion, or did they steal signs from everyone in the neighborhood?

When McCain/Palin signs are stolen by unknown persons, what motives can we attribute to the thieves? Are they persons who hate the military and therefore McCain for his service to our country? Do they who hate Palin because she is a woman? We cannot know the motives.

My personal experience was in 2004 when my Bush/Cheney signs were not stolen but set fire in my yard and we had to call the Fire Department for help extinguishing the fire. What conclusions can I draw from this – that the unknown persons were burning my signs because my mother was born in Japan?