A newspaper advertisement in Wednesday’s Examiner touting Emanuel Cleaver for Congress was in violation of election ethics laws.

The ad failed to say who paid for the advertisement.

Danny Rotert, a spokesman for the Cleaver campaign, said it was an honest mistake omitting the information. The ad was paid for by the Cleaver for Congress committee, David Finley treasurer.

“The ad should have said paid for by Cleaver for Congress. It was paid for by Cleaver for Congress, and the law clearly states that it is supposed to say who paid for it,” Rotert said. “It is our responsibility. We were sending out some different ads and mistakenly left it off the side of this one where it was supposed to go. We will fix that for future publication of the ad and we apologize for not having it on there.”

Violations of election ethics laws could result in fines to offending campaigns if complaints are filed and the ethics commission feels the violation warrants a penalty.

The ad listed some of Cleaver’s accomplishments in the U.S. 5th District. He is running for re-election against Republican Jacob Turk of Lee’s Summit.