To the editor:

Here we are, just a short while until we vote for the next president.

Our country has many issues that need to be worked on, but the most immediate one is to make sure our country is secure and safe from all harm, from within and internationally. Terrorists are intent on doing us incredible harm and could be successful if we do not have a president whose first and foremost role is to protect us, our children and grandchildren.

Only one man can put America’s safety first, and that it John McCain. Don’t get me wrong, I had hoped for another from the field of Republicans who went into the primaries. Now I find I have to vote against a man who, by his associations in the past, by his words in the present, intends to dumb down our military. That will leave us not able to protect ourselves. George Bush hasn’t been the perfect man – the only perfect man left this earth some 2,000 years ago – but Bush has kept our country safe. I applaud him for that.

 We have issues that are strapping our great country, but we cannot address these if we are not safe. Please examine the words and actions of both candidates when they tell us how, or if, they intend to keep us safe. I feel the only choice is John McCain and Sarah Palin.