A Cape Cod cop has been placed on leave after he allegedly urinated on a fellow Metallica fan during a Boston concert and shouted that the Hispanic police officer who was arresting him looked like President Barack Obama.

A Cape Cod cop has been placed on leave after he allegedly urinated on a fellow Metallica fan during a Boston concert and shouted that the Hispanic police officer who was arresting him looked like President Barack Obama.

Brewster Police Officer Joseph A. Houston, 29, was placed on administrative leave after his Jan. 18 arrest at a Metallica concert at TD BankNorth.

Houston was arrested at 10:07 p.m. for trespassing at North Station by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police on the Purple Line (that’s the commuter rail service). He is also accused of urinating on a concertgoer. That incident was reported to MBTA police by the concertgoer’s parents.

“He is on administrative leave,” Brewster Police Chief Richard Koch said. “We will run a parallel investigation independent of the criminal investigation concerning the trespass charges and possible charges with the Boston Police.”

A Brewster Police lieutenant has concluded the investigation.

“He spoke to all the witnesses we know of,” Koch said. “The officer does not have to speak to us.”

The next step will be to confer with the Board of Selectmen, most likely in an executive session on Monday.

“From that will come the next step which may be a disciplinary hearing,” Koch said.

Two MBTA police officers at North Station were approached at around 10 p.m. by a TD BankNorth security officer who informed them he had just ejected Houston from the Metallica concert at the TD BankNorth Garden for disorderly conduct after Houston allegedly urinated on a concertgoer.

In a statement from the victims, which was given when they filed a complaint at the District A-1 police station in Boston later that night, and paraphrased by Boston Police officer Joe Zanoli, they said an “unidentified male” who was seated behind them was very intoxicated and belligerent.

The suspect was reported to have urinated on one person and then lunging toward the victim’s sister several times. He then made “inappropriate comments” and harassed the females in the group, according to police. The victim was observed to be visibly upset.

According to the security officer, when he told Houston he was being ejected from the concert, Houston flashed his badge and identified himself as a Brewster Police officer. The security officer also said he warned Houston he would be charged with trespassing and told him not to return.

The concert security officer pointed out Houston to the two MBTA police officers. The officers reported Houston appeared intoxicated. One MBTA officer noted, “I approached Houston and could smell a distinct odor of alcohol originating from his breath. I explained that security had previously ejected him from the premises and that he would have to leave immediately or face arrest for trespassing.”

At that point Houston pulled out his wallet and showed his badge.

The MBTA officers explained he would still face arrest for trespassing if he didn’t leave and escorted him outside.

According to the arresting officer, who was a Hispanic, “Houston stated ‘Look at Obama,’ which was directed at me in a loud disorderly manner.”

When the MBTA officer went back inside the Garden to discuss the situation with the security officer, Houston followed and attempted to enter the lobby. He was asked once again to leave. Houston refused and said, “Let me talk to you. Let me talk to you.”

At that point the officer arrested Houston for trespassing, while he protested, “Let me talk to you … I’m a cop.”

“After a brief struggle, the suspect was handcuffed,” the report said.

Koch said he received a call around midnight and as the next day was a holiday did not go to Boston until Tuesday, Jan. 20.

“I spoke by phone with some of the witnesses and got the MBTA police report and the following day (the 20th) went up to verify the information,” he said.

Houston was arraigned on Jan. 20 in Boston Municipal Court and was released without any bail being set, according to Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. He was given a bail warning that if he re-offends he could be held up to 60 days without bail.

His next court date is Feb. 5, in Boston Municipal Court. Attorney Tom Drechsler, who often represents police officers, represented Houston. He could not be reached.

The parents of the concert attendee who was allegedly urinated on reported the incident to the transit police and went on to file a report with Boston Police.

Houston has been with the Brewster Police force for less than three years. Prior to that he was with the Nantucket Police Department.