Nell Wagner, Independence

To the editor:

According to national standards and independent experts, we don’t have enough cops on the street to do the job we all deserve. Sure, the population hasn’t changed much, but shopping, jobs, historical sites and other attractions making  Independence a destination bring three times the population into our city limits every day.

MoDOT counts 113,000 cars at the I-70/291 intersection in 24 hours. Traffic accidents and both petty and serious crimes have escalated the calls for service, and it takes officers longer to respond because of those growing numbers. Studies report that a proactive approach to crime results in reducing crime statistics.

As for claims that this is somehow a secret election, not so. Information is available to anyone putting forth very little effort: reading the paper, watching TV or otherwise paying attention to our city’s business. Some citizens opposing the tax seem to hint at a better plan to manage the city’s budget and even the Police Department. I certainly rely on the police chief over a photographer to plan strategies to fight crime. And always, there are the conspiracy theorists. A pot of gold hidden somewhere in City Hall. Or, those enjoying the projects and services of prior taxes, while protesting their own contribution. New officers will respond to those citizens’ calls as well. I’m voting “yes.”