Names, names…what’s in a name? I have been indexing a family collection called the Bartlett Collection. It is a compilation of over 400 folders of information on the Bartlett family and all other related families. While the contents of the folders were very interesting, what fascinated me most were some of the unusual names. Here are some of the most uncommon first names that I found: Floy (f.), Clyne, Tartus (m.), Azuba, Triphena, Grizella, Forgis, and Forgison. Sylvina, Clarabel, and one of my favorites, Zuie Pet. A few more names that are few and far between today: Ercell, Audia (f.), Habe, Chesley, Ozias, Frontier, Iowa, California, Orpha, Merron (m.), Alvaro, Keziah (f.), Ocena, Varnal, Elial, Fidelio, Darst, Elza (m.) and Permilia.

I guess we had better not laugh or smile too broadly at these names. You know, "what goes around comes around" and names have a way of recycling! So, the next time you meet "Escue," you can think to yourself, "I’ve heard that name before!"

Suzanne V.
Midwest Genealogy Center