Sam Jacky is area supervisor for Papa Murphy’s pizza.

The pizza company on Oct. 26 opened a new store at 1531 E. 23rd St., near Lee’s Summit Road. It’s one of the biggest stores in Missouri.

1 Why open the pizza place at that location?
The Kansas City (market) was growing and it gave us an opportunity to come out here and focus on giving  customers the service that we have instilled in our company. This location has really been excellent for us. Very high volume.

2 The pizza industry is highly competitive. How does Papa Murphy’s stand out?
“All of our ingredients are fresh items. We have no freezers in any of our stores, so we don’t receive frozen product. We grate mozzarella daily. We do fresh vegetables. All the dough is made in-store. The difference is in the taste of our pizza.

3 What’s some of the pizza on the menu?
 “We have everything from signature pizzas, stuffed pizzas and a dietary friendly menu are a variety thin crust delight pizzas. These are half the carbs and calories of regular pizza. And we also do a custom build your own pizza. You come in here and we will make it any which way you want it. We refer to the people who come as our guests and not customers.

4 What is Take ‘N’ Bake?
People take the pizzas home and bake them.
We don’t have the overhead you see in other places that bake items and use a lot of higher powered operations that use ovens. We’re not baking the pizza so we’re able to finesse that into the cost and pass that savings onto the customer.

5 How is business?
“It’s been absolutely wonderful. This site has been phenomenal for us. We’re doing in-store fundraising by working with the Independence school district and also working with non-profit group fundraising.”