Hello all, once again Uncle Jeffie has told us a fairy tale for a bed time story. (Jeff Quibell: “Which way will city go on trash?” Aug. 25) 

Hello all, once again Uncle Jeffie has told us a fairy tale for a bed time story. (Jeff Quibell: “Which way will city go on trash?” Aug. 25)  As usual in all of Uncle Jeffie’s stories, the villain was played by the evil 3rd District Councilman Ron Fowler, the part of the hero was played by Mayor Carson Ross.

Who was the damsel in distress? Why of course, it was us the citizens of Blue Springs. Uncle Jeffie was able to show us how naïve we are and how city-ran trash service will bring world peace and end world hunger. Unfortunately, sarcasm (when written) is hard to detect, I hope I laid it on thick enough to see through.

Once again Jeff Quibell is distorting the facts. When asked on the citizens survey “How supportive would you be of having your city coordinate your residential trash and recycling services?” The response was 51 percent supportive and 22 percent somewhat supportive. Ten percent were not supportive, and 17 percent were not sure. Essentially only half of those surveyed are in favor letting the government run the trash service. A far cry from the 73 percent has led us to believe.

The second fact, Mr. Quibell is distorting trying to say the commission has not made a recommendation.

If you watch back the city council meeting, Alice Fuerst, chairman of the commission made her recommendation to pursue a city-wide trash removal. Jeff Martin’s article on Aug. 17 confirms that the recommendation has been made. What was tabled was whether or not to pursue the two year examination period that is required by law. There was no violation for the city council members to listen to the recommendation and decide to not waste tax dollars on a two year study.

Let’s not be fooled, the city is not doing this to save us taxpayers any money. Any savings they may get by a bulk contract will be eaten up by the bureaucracy created at city hall to run the program. To me this is just one more aspect of my life the government is trying to control. Whether the issue is health care or trash, I just would like to be allowed to make my own choices.

But by far the most disappointing aspect of this entire debacle is how Mayor Ross once again refused to allow the public to speak. This is becoming a habit of his, much like the special session to pass the 2nd bailout of RED Development. Why did Mayor Ross create the speaker appearance form, if he would only choose to use it when it would best suit his political aspirations? It was probably best for the public to not have wasted a breath, because my own personal experience has shown, once you begin to disagree with the mayor you are gaveled in an attempt to silence the truth.