To the editor:
You should help the stray dogs get off the streets. If you don’t have dogs, why not get one off the streets! Sure, they might nip at your finger, but you can train them not to nip. More than 8 to 12 million dogs are killed each year! Most were killed by being put out on the streets in the cold weather all day!

That’s why you should pick up dogs from the streets unless he /she has a collar. You should take them home and call their owner. Put up “found dog” signs. Others can lead people. Some dogs can protect people. Some dogs can guide people to places if they can’t see. Some dogs don’t find food that well so they die of starvation.

Please help these dogs. All the dogs will disappear if we don’t take care of them. Pick up dogs up off the street even if they don’t have a collar. Will you help the stray dogs? They need your assistance and love for them. Dogs can cheer you up if you’re sad and lonely.

Stray dogs need your help. They really need your help! I feel sad about the dogs on the streets. Dogs should be treated like people. They should have a roof over their head, food they like, a playful owner, and, most of all, a bath. It would be sad if all the dogs died because their not being treated right.

Dilon M. Evans is a fourth grader in Maureen Hudson’s class at Blue Hills Elementary School in
Independence. The students’ letters have been appearing in The Examiner for several days and will this week.