In a showdown of two of Blue Springs’ top swimmers, the senior put the freshman in her place.

In a friendly manner, naturally.

In a showdown of two of Blue Springs’ top swimmers, the senior put the freshman in her place.
In a friendly manner, naturally.
During what was the tightest race of the day, senior Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas out-touched freshman Ibby Simcox in the 100-yard breaststroke, winning the event in 1 minute, 14.32 seconds, to Simcox’s 1:14.45, as Blue Springs rolled to wins over rival Blue Springs South, Notre Dame de Sion and St. Teresa’s Tuesday at the Blue Springs YMCA.
“We were just having fun,” Prewitt-Thomas said shortly after jokingly shouting “09” in reference to her graduating class. “We’re both IMers and we need the breaststroke practice. We did off events today. It was good training.”
Simcox said she loved going against Prewitt-Thomas, even if it meant she ended up second instead of first.
“I like swimming against my teammates,” she said. “We all practice together. It’s fun to compete against them.”
While the 100 breaststroke may have been the most exciting race of the day, Simcox’s performance in the 500 freestyle may have been the more indicative performance of the meet as a whole, as she nearly lapped the field in taking first place in a time of 5:22.22.
Though she dominated the field, the time was 10 seconds slower than her seed time.
“I felt all right,” she said. “I wanted to go faster. But we had a hard practice this morning. It was an OK time. I think I could have done better.”
Blue Springs finished first in every individual event but one and swept all three relays.
In addition to winning the 100 breaststroke, Prewitt-Thomas also won the 200 freestyle (1:58.14). Shelby Bolin also won a pair of events, taking first in the 100 butterfly (1:05.60) and 100 backstroke (1:01.83).
“I liked what Shelby did today,” Wildcats coach Bill Shalley said. “She did well in both events, had a 55 split in the (400 freestyle) relay. She did a nice job.”
Other individual winners for Blue Springs were Kristi Fries in the 200 individual medley (2:25.94), Ashlan Higgins in the 50 freestyle (26.32) and Molly Menefee in one-meter diving (218.60).
South finished third in the meet, ahead of St. Teresa’s.
Marin Durkin was the top individual for South, finishing second in the 200 IM (2:30.85) and fourth in the 500 freestyle (6:00.72).
“I didn’t do too well,” Durkin said. “I added seconds on my IM. I felt tired.”
Anna Lajoie also fared well for the Jaguars, placing third in the 100 butterfly (1:08.79) and fifth in the 50 freestyle (27.75).
South coach Russell Green said his team is still trying to find itself.
“We’re very young,” he said. “With all the snow days we’ve had and the weather, as well as the winter break, it’s tough to get any type of routine.
“The reason Rob (Sturman), (Shalley) and I put this during break is that the break is so long, and this way (the swimmers) have something to motivate them to keep going. And this is a good tune-up for this weekend (at the Columbia Invitational).”

Local top-five individuals and top-three relays:
200-yard medley relay: 1. Blue Springs A (Shelby Bolin, Kristi Fries, Ibby Simcox, Stephanie Closser), 1:58.54; 3. Blue Springs B (Abby Stanley, Kelsea Floyd, Anna Juarez, Taylor Carmer), 2:07.99.
200 freestyle: 1. Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas, BS, 1:58.14; 4. Ashlan Higgins, BS, 2:06.94.
200 individual medley: 1. Kristi Fries, BS, 2:25.94; 2. Marin Durkin, BSS, 2:30.85; 3. Monica Randolph, BSS, 2:33.00; 4. Bryonna Lewis, BS, 2:35.43.
50 freestyle: 1. Ashlan Higgins, 26.32; 3. Kelsea Floyd, BS, 27.07; 5. Anna Lajoie, BSS, 27.75.
One-meter diving: 1. Molly Menefee, BS, 218.60; 2. Meryl Pampolina, BS, 194.80; 3. Melissa Ruggerio, BSS, 173.50; 4. Maesyn Umstattd, BSS, 166.15; 5. Tara Welsh, 160.80.
100 butterfly: 1. Shelby Bolin, BS, 1:05.60; 2. Anna Juarez, BS, 1:07.86; 3. Anna Lajoie, BSS, 1:08.79.
100 freestyle: 2. Kristi Fries, BS, 58.63; 5. Bryonna Lewis, BS, 1:03.08.
500 freestyle: 1. Ibby Simcox, BS, 5:22.22; 3. Kelsea Floyd, BS, 5:51.12; 4. Marin Durkin, BSS, 6:00.72; 5. Stephanie Closser, BS, 6:10.47.
200 freestyle relay: 1. Blue Springs A (Kelsea Floyd, Kristi Fries, Ashlan Higgins, Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas), 1:45.21.
100 backstroke: 1. Shelby Bolin, BS, 1:01.83; 2. Abby Stanley, BS, 1:06.68; 4. Monica Randolph, BSS, 1:10.19; 5. Taylor Carmer, BS, 1:13.22.
100 breaststroke: 1. Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas, BS, 1:14.32; 2. Ibby Simcox, BS, 1:14.45; 5. Chloe Moore, BSS, 1:21.42.
400 freestyle relay: 1. Blue Springs A (Ibby Simcox, Abby Stanley, Shelby Bolin, Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas), 3:48.91; 3. Blue Springs B (Taylor Carmer, Anna Juarez, Stephanie Closser, Bryonna Lewis), 4:21.52.