David Simoes is the toughest guy in the Central Hockey League. He could also be one of the smartest.

David Simoes is the toughest guy in the Central Hockey League.

He could also be one of the smartest.

The Missouri Mavericks defenseman, who was voted by his peers as the toughest in the CHL the past two seasons, knows that his playing days will soon be over.

So he's making sure that he will be able to take care of his wife, Mary, and their two small children, Lucy and Peter.

“We love it here and want to make Eastern Jackson County our home after I'm done playing hockey,” said Simoes, who is looking for a full-time residence near the Independence Events Center. “You know when you go someplace and think, ‘This is it. This is my final stop.’ That's how Mary and I feel about this area. We feel so comfortable here, the kids love it – Lucy got to build her first snowman the other day. We're going to make this our home.”

That's a statement that should please Mavericks fans.

Simoes, 27, is the first player to drop his gloves when a teammate is being assaulted by an opponent, yet he sports the biggest smile and the warmest greeting when meeting with fans after games at the Events Center.

“I've never played any place like Independence,” said Simoes, who stands 5-10 and tips the scales at 187 pounds while sporting all his gear. “No place has welcomed me and my family like Independence and the surrounding areas.

“That's why we're looking for our own home. We live in a great house in Blue Springs, but it belongs to the team. We want something of our own.”

And fans can help Simoes achieve that off-the-ice dream as he is offering the Maverick faithful a chance to work off the holiday pounds side-by-side with the team’s toughest enforcer since the heyday of Carlyle “The Grim Sleeper” Lewis.

After the first of the year, Simoes is offering a health challenge that will include personal early-morning workouts with him at the Events Center.

“Whether you are looking into wellness products, performance/elite products, trying to lose some weight or just stay active, Advocare has a product that pretty much fits everyone's lifestyle,” said Simoes, who is selling the health/workout products. “Whether you're a kid who wants to get in shape or train at an elite level or an older fan who wants to remain active, Advocare has a product that will fit your lifestyle.”

Simoes, who could be a cover boy for any fitness magazine, recently took the 24-day Advocare challenge and lost eight pounds and trimmed his body fat to a sleek 8 percent.

“I took the product before training camp and had the best camp of my life,” he said. “I was sold; in fact, I was sold so much that I wanted to start selling the product myself.”

He is offering seven January off-ice workouts, to go along with a 24-day challenge that he promises “will be fun, even when you're sweating.”

Advocare has been on the market for 20 years and New Orleans Pro Bowl quarterback and Super Bowl champion Drew Brees is the national spokesperson.

“I did a lot of research before I started the program, and it worked wonders for me,” Simoes said. “It's pretty exciting to think about being a part of a company whose slogan is ‘We build champions.’”

If you are interested in finding out more about Simoes' 24-day challenge, give him a call at 337-534-3139.

MAVS CONTINUE ROAD SWING: You can catch Simoes and his teammates on 1660 AM when they play the Thunder at 7 p.m. tonight in Wichita and then travel to Tulsa to take on the Oilers at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The Mavericks return to the IEC 7:05 p.m. Monday for a New Year's Eve game against the Oilers. The Mavericks are offering a family four-pack – four tickets, four soft drinks and four hot dogs for $80.