Don M. Russell

To the editor:
Have you asked yourself what caused the financial mess our country is in? Some say it was the Iraq War, which required $780 billion over seven years. But do you realize the first Obama stimulus package cost us more than $810 billion? That’s more than the cost of the Iraq War. And where did the stimulus money go? Do you own research, my good Democrat friends, if you dare.

And what caused the collapse of the housing market? It doesn’t take a lot of research to find the basic reason, for the financial collapse dates back to the subprime mortgages put in place by our government GSAs, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The blessed subprimes were initiated by the Clinton administration. (And by the way, Clinton wasn’t a bad president, just misdirected by a few of his very liberal-driven congressional followers.) Those loans – which were idiotic, as I’m sure almost every sane person would agree – were far beyond being a sound business practice, and they collapsed by the thousands. Hence the largest contributor toward our country’s financial debacle.

The Democrats have done a top-notch job of political cover-up, a great marketing of lies to achieve keeping the presidency. And they continue to point illicit fingers toward their counterparts. But those citizens who are wise – are the taxpayers and not the benefit-grabbers-on – know the truth: The Democrats are the reason for our country’s continual demise.

And what does the future hold if we continue our current path? 1. Lack of pensions, other than government workers. 2. A quickly failing Social Security system. 3. Low-paying jobs due to overtaxation. 4. Tremendously costly government-run health care, etc., etc. Change?