To fans, it's about winning.

To fans, it's about winning.

"I really hope Pioli is gone come Monday. Or better yet Sunday ... that would be much better," said a Chiefs fan.
Fan uproar is at an all-time high.

"The general consensus among the league sources I interviewed was that the high level of fan unrest in Kansas City would probably lead Chiefs owner Clark Hunt to make the personally difficult decision to replace general manager Scott Pioli, and not just head coach Romeo Crennel," said senior writer Don Banks.

Did he say "personally difficult" and probably? Uhm, how hard would it be for a Chiefs fan to replace Pioli?
Answer: Not very!

Clark Hunt has proof, plenty.

Kansas City's the first NFL team to rush for 350 yards and lose, which the Chiefs did to the Indianapolis Colts. Kansas City's 13 points against the Colts were the fewest in team history with 500-plus yards of offense.

The disparity between the offense and defense has never been this off; Kansas City's never experienced a point differential of -179. That gulf could be even wider after Denver on Sunday.

There's been abundant badness; Clark Hunt has plenty to supplant Pioli. Hunt likes Pioli, possibly feels obligated to hold on to him with what happened with Jovan Belcher.

If you met Pioli, I bet you'd like him too. He's a nice guy. I've talked to him personally. Writing for The Examiner, and with what I do, I've had that opportunity. It's a privilege to meet these people.

But at the core, I'm a Chiefs fan. I expect production and wins. Unfortunately, success and hasn't been as great with Pioli.
I'm sure Pioli intended better, but losing's what we have. Change involves doing the right thing; the correct action by Clark Hunt is to replace Pioli with a manager that can find the right coaches to help this team win.

Honestly, that's been Pioli's biggest mistake, the lack of leadership he's put in place to run the team. Players like Jon Baldwin are dangling, he needs coached up. It's either that or Baldwin is a bad pick by Pioli.

Either way, not in Pioli's favor.

Here's another line from SI's Banks, one fans don't want to hear.

"Hunt and Pioli remain close, so there's a chance Pioli returns, especially if there's a head coach hire that Pioli can sell to Hunt as the potential difference maker. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is a name long linked to Pioli dating from their days together in Cleveland, and he always surfaces as a possible Pioli hire."

Banks brings Hunt's personal feelings into it. Banks suggests how Hunt feels could interfere with what Chiefs fans want. Hunt needs to put his personal feelings aside to do what logic says is right.

Pioli had his shot. In 2012 the Chiefs are worse than in 2008. The numbers support that. It's been four years for Pioli, enough time to get Chiefs fans results.

If the Chiefs lose against the Denver Broncos, which everyone thinks they will, they'll secure the No.1 overall draft pick. That's a first for Kansas City too.

It's exciting, the first overall pick could change everything, but it also means the Chiefs had to be that bad to get it. Pioli was the one in charge for that to happen.

Hunt needs to put the Pioli friendship away and focus on the 12th man. Which comes first should be easy. Make the right decision. Chiefs fans are counting on you!

HOW GOOD IS JAMAAL CHARLES?: Try best in NFL history. Better than O.J. Simpson, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, Bo Jackson and even current back Adrian Peterson. Yeah, even Jim Brown.

"Charles tops all other running backs in NFL history even if we expand the list a bit to include running backs who didn't have 750 career carries," said. "Pro Football Hall of Famer Marion Motley, for instance, averaged 5.70 yards a carry in his career, an even better mark than Brown. Motley was always cited by the great Sports Illustrated writer Paul Zimmerman as the best football player he ever saw, but Motley got most of his carries playing for the Browns when they were part of the All-America Football Conference in the 1940s. Charles has now surpassed even Motley's mark."

Bo Jackson had a better career yards per carry average than Brown, Jackson's average was 5.40 yards per carry, but not as good as Charles' career average.

Charles was the one incredible thing Chiefs fans got from 2012. Charles shows there's still hope for this team, it just needs the right leadership.

Listening Clark Hunt?

Good day, Chiefs fans!