To the editor:
I would like to thank the people at HMPDME, a local business in your area, for their generosity during the Joplin tornado.

The MSSU Red Cross shelter was in desperate need of electric beds for some of the shelter clients. The owners of the company, Linn and Debra Duncan, immediately offered to help. When asked how many beds they could loan the Red Cross, Mr. Duncan returned with “how many do you need?” When asked how long the shelter could use the beds, he quickly replied “as long as you need them. We just want to help.”

Linn and Debra Duncan then had their truck deliver all the beds over three hours away to the Red Cross shelter in Joplin. They also arranged for all those clients who needed a bed in their new homes to have one free of charge. Thank you Linn and Debra at HMPDME for your kindness and caring. You truly made a huge difference and touched many lives.