Marvin Sands

To the editor:
Next Tuesday, registered voters in Independence will have the opportunity to say yea or nay on a proposed three-eighths of 1 percent tax increase to hire additional police officers and upgrade law enforcement facilities.
This, of course, is an important issue and will be the only issue that will appear on this ballot. In addition, no candidate’s name will appear on the ballot as this election only pertains to a single issue – law enforcement improvements.

Last November, 80 percent of voters turned out to vote during the presidential election in Eastern Jackson County. It is estimated that perhaps 10 percent of voters will turn out to vote either for or against the law enforcement issue. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re for or against this issue. What does matter is that you exercise your right and privilege to vote. When you do, you are strengthening our democratic way of life and not allowing a small percentage of those who do vote determine the outcome of this election.

This issue happens to be a proposed tax increase that will have an impact on every resident of Independence. Every election is important, whether it is a single issue or for elective offices or a combination of issues and elective offices. Furthermore, it is vital for our democracy that everyone who is registered to vote should make every possible effort to show up at the polls and exercise their right and privilege to vote. Not doing so weakens our political system and allows a minority turnout to determine an election’s eventual outcome. I urge you to vote in the Aug. 4 election and instead of an estimated 10 percent of voters, let’s have at least a 50 percent turnout or greater.