A new Web-based tool is now available for Independence Power & Light. On the city’s main Web site at ci.independence.mo.us, a link on the lower left-hand side reads “power outage 24/7 map.” According to Jim Franklin, the city’s power engineering manager, the link will allow residents to view a “real-time update” – with about five or 10 minutes of delay – of those areas experiencing power outages citywide.

Though residents might ask, “I’m out of power. What good does this do me?” other Wi-Fi capabilities through cell phones and work computers will allow residents to view the Web link, Franklin said.

For demonstration purposes, the link presented “false data” Monday night with more than 7,000 power outages citywide, which represents about 12 percent of the city’s total power usage. The map is color-coded related to the number of customers who are experiencing outages and is divided into council districts with four quadrants within each district. 

Overall, Franklin said, the new link aims to increase communication with IPL customers and the press during power outages, especially those that are storm-related.
“We keep the lights on. That’s what we’re all about,” Franklin said. “I think this is going to be a valuable tool to communicate.”