How many of our residents know of Ward Park or where it is? 

How many of our residents know of Ward Park or where it is? 

This 13-acre site, all donated by George Ward, is located just off of US 40 behind the Ward Storage Buildings in Blue Springs. It is visible from Quarry Road and accessible from both U.S. 40 and from 22nd Street off of Morningside Drive. 

 It’s a great little park with a stream, mature trees, very peaceful and quiet. It has a basketball court, tennis court, two small shelters, a restroom, playground, and a mile-long trail.  The park was built in 1980 with a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant and cty matching funds. 

 This winter and spring we are providing some major upgrades or repairs to the park. Through city funds we plan to correct some of the erosion within the stream banks and to stabilize the embankments with gabion baskets, similar to what we did several years ago to a portion of the stream.

We also plan to re-color coat the basketball court surface. This will help protect it from damage from Mother Nature and make it much better to play on. 

 The single largest improvement will be to the mile-long trail.  The original four-foot wide asphalt trail will be removed and a new eight-foot wide trail will be constructed. We will alter the trail location in a few spots and will be adding 500 feet of new trail to the west end so that it connects to Quarry Road, which is part of the city’s bike route and trail system. 

The new surface meets the newer design standards for width and safety. A portion of the new trail, along the south upper course, will still not meet ADA standards; however all of the lower trail will meet the ADA requirements, which connect to the parking, restrooms, tennis, basketball, playground, and shelters. 

These improvements are being paid for with a grant from the Federal Stimulus program called ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) with $150,000 and the balance of funds coming from the City.

Work will begin this winter on removal of the trail and new construction to follow in the spring. 

 We apologize for the inconvenience during the periods of construction; however, I think you will appreciate the park even more once we have completed our work. 

Please go check out Ward Park now and then next summer to see the difference for yourself.