Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mollie Ann, and I’m a mix breed dog. I was adopted 14 years ago from the Independence Animal Shelter by David and Gail (I call them Mom and Dad).

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mollie Ann, and I’m a mix breed dog. I was adopted 14 years ago from the Independence Animal Shelter by David and Gail (I call them Mom and Dad). After the drawing to see who I was going to get to live with (more than one family wanted me), I spent a couple of days at the Independence Animal Hospital. I had a surgery that would keep me from having any pups of my own. As each year went by, I had to go see the doctors at the Animal Hospital for things like my annual vaccinations and flea and heart worm medications

 I had a bad habit of getting under the feet of anyone I could, and I got stepped on several times. One of those led to a cast being put on my front leg (yes, it broke). I could get anyone to feel sorry for me. I could give those sad puppy dog eyes and hang that broken leg out for all to see and I was a magnet for anyone to come pet me. I just loved attention.

Mom and Dad have a son and daughter that I grew up with, and I missed them as they have started lives of their own away from our house. I am so happy to see them when they come home to visit and on holidays. Nana thought the world of me as I would run through her house as a playful pup. She had once called me a wild little Indian as I jumped on her lap one day. She gave me a chew bone, and I was so happy that when it was time to go home that night, I left it under her pillow on her bed for the next time I got to come visit. Then Nana went away, and I miss her too.

We have this little place at the lake where we like to go in the summer, and I love laying on the deck and looking out to the water. Swimming is so much fun. Dad would throw my small float toy into the water, and I would swim out to retrieve it. Going fishing on the boat is so much fun also. Papa took us fishing in his boat, and my job was to make sure the fish in the live well didn’t get away. It really didn’t matter whose boat I was on, I just loved to go for the ride. In the winter months, I love to play in the snow. The first time I ever saw the white stuff on the ground, I didn’t know what to think. It was so funny if you could have seen the way I acted, jumping all over the place and sticking my snout into the snow and taking off running.

As the years have gone by I don’t get out and run as much as I used to as my hips don’t carry me as well these days. I get tired really fast, so I spend most days laying around and sleeping. I used to be able to hear if someone was walking on the grass outside. Today I don’t hear anything as I have gone deaf. My eyesight is not as good as it once was either. I have a bladder control problem, and dad found a tumor on my belly a couple of weeks ago and it is getting bigger. I have also had a couple of seizures in the last few weeks.

Today I get to for for a ride in dad’s truck. Dad tells me that everything will be just fine. I figured out where we were going when we pulled into the Animal Hospital parking lot. It must be time for my annual shots. I really don’t like this place, never have and never will. Dad and the doctor visit for a short while and now it is time for my shot. I buried my head in dads armpit and dad held me just like every other time I got my shots. The shot is making me sleepy and dad is stroking my ears as I go to sleep. This must be a dream because now I see someone I haven’t seen in many years. It is Nana, and she is calling this wild little Indian to come see her. As I run to her, I realize I don’t have the pains that I had, and I can hear again. I’m going away now, but I’m looking forward to our meeting again in the future. Thanks for all the great times we have had.

In memory of Mollie Ann, March 1997 to March 2011.

Writer’s note: Being a responsible pet owner has its rewards and in time its heartaches. We will miss our beloved Mollie Ann, but we will always cherish our time we had with her in our lives.

Care for your pets and have them spayed or neutered at a young age. Make your choice of vets to care for your pets, and see them regularly.