Your stylist might say “fringe,” but you know this style better as bangs.

Your stylist might say “fringe,” but you know this style better as bangs.

Bangs can be used to add a youthful look to your same old style. They can be useful to complement a perfect pair of peepers or downplay a high forehead if you have a heart-shaped face. They are sexy, and they are back in full swing this spring. Here are some types of fringe you might want for yourself.

n Basic bangs are normal bangs ranging from short to long. The short version works well for narrow face shapes. Hair in this basic look is slightly longer at the sides and angles in to the center of the forehead.

Brow bangs are long, full and right at or below the eyebrow. This is a very hot style right now. They are worn very long, practically covering the eyes. This type of bang is reminiscent of ’70s bangs. Think Goldie Hawn. This style is best for face shapes that are narrow, heart- or pear-shaped. The long, full eyebrow bang can widen a very narrow face shape

Straight bangs are full, cut straight across the forehead, with no angles whatsoever. They can be cut to a medium length, but short and straight is the way to go. This style is also great to broaden a narrow face shape. This style can be very dramatic if worn short. We used to call them “baby bangs” in the ’80s.

Layered bangs have an added shorter layers on top of longer layers. These types of bangs are great for adding height and texture in the crown area. If one can only imagine the big bangs of the late ’80s, then you will know to keep the hairspray out of this type!

Choppy bangs, or “barely there bangs,” can range from very short to very long, but most importantly they have a choppy look. They add visual lines that can help accentuate your facial features. This can be a good beginner style.

Face framing bangs are not a full bang. Instead, they are angled down the side of the face and swept off of the face to the side. These types of bangs work great for heart- and oval-shaped faces. It’s a very popular among women wearing bangs right now.

Fringe bangs also are not full bangs. It’s a very subtle look that can be cut well past the eye area to soften a hair style or draw attention away from high foreheads or other features.

If you like the look of bangs but aren’t sure if they’re for you, do what Cameron Diaz does – create the look of bangs without actually cutting them. Part your hair to the side (past your eyebrows) and drape hair from one side to the other. Tuck excess hair behind your ear.

This is a good start to bangs because once you cut them, it’s a long time before they grow out!

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