I know it’s time to submit another article but this morning I’m having trouble writing because I find it absolutely beautiful outside, we have sunshine and we have the remainder of our colorful trees left from the weekend rain.

I know it’s time to submit another article but this morning I’m having trouble writing because I find it absolutely beautiful outside, we have sunshine and we have the remainder of our colorful trees left from the weekend rain.  I am sitting here visualizing all those trees we have seen recently and want to be outside.  My hubby and I have taken road trips this past week just to see the different colored trees and to enjoy nature outside.  I am typically a summer person but I must admit the colors this fall have been outstanding and I have felt compelled to be outside and enjoy the scenery and feel the cool air outside.  I actually have found myself kicking the fallen leaves, having my hubby look at this really pretty tree or look at the squirrel running across the field.  There is nothing prettier than nature in action. I also realized this is the first time in my life I really had the time to enjoy the season and then it occurred to me it’s the first year I haven’t been employed. I had always gone to work and done my daily chores which left little or no time for road trips or taking the time to enjoy life or nature like we all should.  Big mistake we all need to take time to smell the roses and enjoy life.

 I want to tell you what my hubby and I did this summer.  We have been big city folks most of our married life and needless to say this is a new and exciting adventure for us.  Would you believe we invested in a 5th wheeler at the lake?  Yes, we have spent a lot of time at the lake this summer we started out staying in a cabin but discovered this way of life was important and we wanted to be part of this park group so we purchased a RV.  I know my hubby’s health has improved with the relaxed pace of life at the lake, how could it not when you are sitting in a fishing boat with your buddies and attempting to catch fish. Thank goodness we didn’t rely on the fish for dinner we could have been very hungry several times.  Life at the lake only moves at the pace you want it to.  We are looking forward to many years with our new friends.

I truly think the folks we met at the lake have made me truly enjoy what’s important in life.  There is nothing like sitting around a camp fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and talking. Even though I’m a summer person I enjoyed the chill outside and sitting around the campfire.  At least the front side of me was warm I noticed my back side was cold on the walk back to the cabin.  Later in the evening after we are done talking, eating and laughing and the fire is dying down, we walk back to our trailer or cabin and get some sleep so we can start the next day’s adventures.  Life is much simpler at the lake, life there is very special.  I discovered in the park if someone needs assistance the neighbors are there ready and willing to help at no cost. 

These trips to the lake have reminded me much of my early childhood.  I am so grateful for finding that peaceful way of life again.  You see I grew up on a farm and we were poor as far as wealth goes but my family made sure we had food, family and friends around and what more could a girl ask for.  The most important thing I remembered and was reminded of at the lake is how simple and nice life can be and friends are everywhere you look.  This group of friends reminds me of the special bond that many veterans have. 

I am writing about some of my family’s fun adventures that we have experienced this year and will continue to appreciate and be grateful because of the veterans and our military.  Because of the veterans and military we truly enjoy all freedoms that we have today.  I wrote about my personal experiences this past year and yet each of you should have experienced something in life just as gratifying as what I experienced and talking about.  I want each of us to appreciate what we have; there is nothing more important than our family and friends.  Let your family and friends know you appreciate them, words are very important and please don’t wait because if you do it could be too late.  We have lost many friends this year and many of them were special veterans.

Needless to say I believe because of my dealings with the veterans, they have reminded me to appreciate life and not to take anything for granted in life especially ones health.  Health allows us to do many of the things that we would like to do.  Many of the things I have written in this article can’t be bought with money…..friendship, health or freedom…don’t be mistaken money helps but many of the important things in life can’t be purchased.  Do you realize one of the simplest ways to thank a veteran is just fly your flag?   Can you imagine seeing Old Glory soaring everywhere you look.  As I have said before God Bless the USA.

On the note of thanks we sometimes forget the nurses that assist all of our military and veterans.  I want you to know that the VFW Post 1000 in Independence is planning a day of honoring our nurses. 

Please keep November 14th open, we would love to see all the nurses and show them our appreciation for all of the efforts they expend for our military and veterans.  I will elaborate more on this event later but keep the date open.  We hope to see you at the post that day and thank all of the nurses for everything they do.

If you haven’t enjoyed or experienced any of nature that I have described earlier please go outside and enjoy the pretty trees or smell that wonderful aroma in the air.  I hope you have a wonderful week and talk to you soon.