How’s this for an alarming statistic:

• An overweight child has a 70 percent chance of becoming an overweight adult.

How’s this for an alarming statistic:
• An overweight child has a 70 percent chance of becoming an overweight adult.
Want to check out some stats that are equally alarming?
• Sixteen percent of kids ages 6 to 19 are overweight.
• The amount of overweight kids between the ages of 12-19 has tripled in the last 20 years.
Thank you video games, fast food restaurants and lifestyle changes that find more kids sitting on the couch and watching television that riding their bike to a friend’s house for a post-school game of football.
When Kurt Mueller, the owner of Blue Springs Fitness (, heard those stats he was shocked and saddened.
Instead of ignoring the rising problem, he’s doing something about it.
Starting Nov. 7 at 10:30 a.m. at his fitness center on Missouri 7 in Blue Springs, his Kids in Motion Class will feature a four-week, one-hour class just for kids.
“We at Blue Springs Fitness feel it is our duty to start a program to not only get children more active,” Mueller said, “but also to educate them on healthy lifestyle habits.”
The class is open for children ages 7-12. The youngsters’ parents need not be a member of Blue Springs Fitness to participate and the cost is $25 for the first member of a family and $5 for each additional member.
Weather permitting, the class will include both indoor and outdoor activities and will be the first of many geared to different age groups. Call Mueller at 228-4080 for more information.
• The hand-written banner that hung in the Blue Springs High School locker room said it all: “SLADE MORLANG – 100 PERCENT WILDCAT SPIRIT.”
Morlang, a former Blue Springs quarterback and assistant football coach, was the popular assistant principal who passed away last weekend at the age of 41.
He was with his family, riding motorcycles, which was just one of his passions.
Morlang’s son, Ty, wore his father’s No. 7 jersey in a pre-game ceremony Friday night at Peve Stadium, where the Wildcats claimed a district championship with a 49-14 victory over visiting Columbia Rock Bridge.
“Slade was just a great human being,” Blue Springs coach Kelly Donohoe said. “He was one of those guys you just enjoyed hanging out with. You could have a great time with Slade, no matter what you were doing.
“It’s been a tough week around here, and we all thought it was important to remember him and his family tonight.”
• There is good news out of Grain Valley High School, as Mitch Buck was released from a Harrisonville, Mo., hospital following a hit he took in Thursday night’s 37-12 district loss to the Harrisonville Wildcats.
Buck lay motionless on the field for several minutes before signaling a thumb’s up to the silent crowd before he was taken away in an ambulance.
“Mitch is back home and we hear he has a Grade 2 concussion,” Grain Valley activities director Jeff Tebbenkamp said Friday. “We doubt if he will be able to play next Wednesday, although I know Mitch will do everything he can to get into the game.”