It’s time to give thanks.

It’s time to give thanks.

Yours truly, except for a few bumps in the road, is thankful to be fairly healthy and able to continue doing what I like the best, and that’s working at The Examiner, which I’ve done for 53 years now.

There are many other reasons to be thankful:

n Blue Springs South is in the Class 6 football finals.

n The bounce-back football seasons of Truman and Van Horn.

n Forecasts of not as much snow this winter.

n Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

n The continued steady improvement of the Royals.

n The University of Kansas football season finally ending Saturday.

n Buy one, get another one half-off sales.

n The great job Blue Springs and Blue Springs South did hosting the state boys soccer semifinals and finals.

n The new softball fields at Hidden Valley Park.

n The Sporting Kansas City season and new facility.

n The Cardinals winning the World Series.

n The Missouri football team again becoming bowl eligible.

n Good friends in Wingo (Ky.) and Overland Park (Kan.) remaining healthy.
n Volunteers, barbers, raisin bread.

n Extra pay day in 2012 because of leap year.

n The Hallmark Channel, smart phones, Blu-ray disc players.

n After-Christmas sales.

n Chile con carne, ham and bean soup, crossword puzzles.

n Lower gas prices.

n Avoiding a pot hole.

n Despite the tough economic times, your boss rewarding you with a Christmas bonus.

n The 10-inch snow storm arriving after you get home safely.

n Sweet potato fries, hot chocolate on a cold winter night.

n Coaches turning in on-time requested information.

n Nurses and doctors who go beyond the call of duty to take care of their patients.
n Generic money-saving drugs, hospital emergency rooms.

n Coaches who don’t scream, yell and cuss at their players.

n Social Security checks, Meals on Wheels, service clubs.

n The new building for the Independence Board of Education.
n Coaches who don’t run up the score.

n Landlords who rent to only responsible adults.

n A hole-in-one, perfect game in bowing, the Most Valuable Player award.
Finally, to all, the best Thanksgiving ever.