To the editor:

I recycle all I can and was disappointed when glass was removed as part of the program at the recycling center. We had a nine-year-old TV that stopped working. We inquired with repair shops and were told to just buy a new one.

Coincidently, Gene Fox had a column (Aug. 16-17, “A real waste: Castoff electronics affect health of outdoors”). As he suggested we took our TV to Surplus Exchange in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. It was very hard to find and not a good place to go alone. They charged us $29.40 (priced per pound) to do the right thing and not put toxic waste in our landfill. I figured this was a contribution to the cause, but how many others will go to this much trouble?

With the change in TVs coming in February, I hate to think of what will happen to our outdated electronics. I guess we will not worry since this will be our future generations’ problem to figure out. What a shame!