Ashley Masuch

Ashley Masuch

Occupation category: Maid or housekeeper

Job: Housekeeper

Employer: Comfort Suites

How many hours do you work every week? “30+”

What do you like most about this job? “I like that I get the chance to meet so many different people.”

What do you like least about this job? “People don’t realize how hard we work to make their stay here pleasant and clean.”

What would you rather be doing? “I would like to be a dental assistant.”

What do you want to be doing in 10 years? “Finished in school and have a job as a dental assistant.”

Is this your only job? “Yes.”

How far do you live from work? “25 minutes.”

Is the price of gas affecting your ability to do your job or get to work? “Yes.”

What training or education did this job require? “None.”

Did your employer do your training, or was it outside training or education? “My employer.”

Do you have health insurance? “No, I do not have any.”

Do you have paid vacation time? “Yes.”

Do you have retirement benefits? “401K”

What do you think about the future of jobs in America? “I think it will be very complicated! Especially for those who don’t have a proper education.”