Have the Kansas City Chiefs become a joke? They were on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”

Have the Kansas City Chiefs become a joke? They were on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”

“Well, here’s something frightening. Scientists from NASA have said a research satellite the size of a bus will crash into the Earth on Friday,” Leno said. “They say they have no idea where it will land, although they say it has better odds of landing in the end zone than the Kansas City Chiefs.”


It’s gotten bizarre with Chiefs fans taking the “Suck for Luck” campaign to new extremes. On the Internet, Facebook and talk radio shows, fans are purposely buying the opposing team’s gear to wear to the Chiefs’ next home game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Like my grandpa would say, “Let’s think on it.”

Is dislike for Matt Cassel so vile that fans would honestly wear a Denver Broncos hat to Arrowhead? This isn’t some radio host looking for ratings, but a genuine fan lifting a finger to help the Oakland Raiders beat the Chiefs.

To me, it’s a new sort of low.

Like putting your fandom on hold, selling out or jumping into a mud bath. There’s no way to return and feel clean. Still, plenty are considering it. Today the bad has lopsided the confidence, but to pull for any team against the Chiefs isn’t in my KC DNA.

Jay Leno’s humor was meant to be funny, and it was, but to Chiefs fans it was embarrassing.

To root, root, root for the visiting team? If Chiefs fans cheer for the Vikings come October, I guarantee they won’t respect themselves in the morning!

IS THE PIOLI-HALEY STRAIN REAL? It’s a world full of reality shows where drama, infighting and bickering are the norm. Good for entertainment but not for your favorite football team. Many assume there’s friction with general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley. When things go wrong it’s natural to think that, but is that really the case with Pioli and Haley?

Like most, I saw the rumors from ESPN’s Adam Schefter claiming Haley could be on the famed hot seat. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King implied that Pioli would be safe, but that Haley wouldn’t be. CBS’s Pete Prisco says Haley “is in big trouble.”

Since the loss to the Detroit Lions, talk of Haley’s demise has been the fresh topic. Talk of who’ll replace Haley has been in full swing. Names like Romeo Crennel, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and even former Denver Broncos coach and current St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels were mentioned.

Reaching for straws or is there something there?

Michael Holley’s new book, “War Room,” has interesting nuggets, mainly on how Pioli acts. Pioli being an egomaniac as former Kansas City Star writer Jason Whitlock suggested isn’t one of them, Pioli’s not a “king of the hill” person. Works hard? Yes. Expects others to work hard? You bet. But running everything? Not Pioli’s M.O.

What caught my attention was Holley saying he witnessed nothing unusual between Pioli and Haley. Holley followed the Chiefs for a time for his book on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff and Pioli.
Holley observed Pioli and Haley working together and didn’t see the dislike that people are saying is there.

Take it for what it’s worth, but until I see more or hear something solid, it’s just talk that goes along with a lousy 0-2 start.

THIS WEEK’S GAME: What’s this game about, trying to win or finding a Chief pulse?

There’s always a chance, especially with Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, who can boost the other team with his antics and lapses of judgment. Chiefs corners Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr need redemption.

Flowers has declared himself an elite corner, and now the Chiefs are paying him like it. When the defense gives it up like the Chiefs have, nobody needs to boast.

I’m not putting out particulars because if the Chiefs at least fight, fans will be happy. It’s at San Diego, so the Chiefs are picked to lose by a couple touchdowns, but win or lose, it’s time to get up and do something.

Acting somewhat like last year’s AFC West Champions would be nice. Go Chiefs!

Good day, Chiefs fans!