While it was not a happy occasion (the passing of my granny), it was so amazing to be able to take a trip into the past of my ancestors. My grandmother, Mildred Varney, was born and raised on Meathouse Hollow (pronounced holler), the fork of Big Creek, in Pike County, Kentucky. Pike County, I learned, was the home of the famous feuding families, the Hatfields vs. the McCoys! In fact, there are McCoys in my family tree, some ways back. Wow!

We were able to visit the hospital where my mother was born (no longer in use), the old homeplace (my mother’s maternal grandparent's home), and Smith Cemetery, where many of my ancestors have been laid to rest. It was also really interesting to see all the "family cemeteries" that are in Mingo and Pike County. People simply buried their kinfolk on their property. Being a "city girl," I was surprised that they were allowed to do that.

All in all, it was a genealogist’s dream come true!

Beth S.
Midwest Genealogy Center