Insurance rates will remain the same next year for employees in the Oak Grove School District.

The Oak Grove Board of Education approved the 2009-10 insurance rates Monday.

Superintendent James Haley said the district will remain with United Healthcare for the 2009-10 school year, and no changes will be made to the current health insurance plan. In addition, premiums will remain the same, at $393 per month, per employee.

“Initially, the insurance rates came back with a slight increase,” he said. “But we worked with our insurance broker and got those to come down, so there will be no increase to our employees. We were very happy about that.”

In addition, the district will see $15,000 next year from United Healthcare to put toward an Oak Grove School District wellness program. United Healthcare did something similar this year, which funded several health and wellness-focused workshops, an Oak Grove version of “The Biggest Loser” and other wellness activities.

Haley said it is the district’s goal to further its wellness offerings next year in order to encourage more people to stay on the “healthy track.”

“We were very pleased with how are wellness program went in its first year,” he said. “We are now gearing up to do even more next year. It is a very exciting opportunity for all of us.”