Today was interesting, "the next rookie sensation"... star of NFL Network’s Super Bowl XLVII advertisement Leon Sandcastle (Deion Sanders) met with the KC media.

Before actually meeting Leon (Deion) the media wasn't quite sure what to ask, if they'd be told... or just go with it.

When it was over, some media looked confused... felt a little weird (maybe a bit silly), but it was fun.

Leon isn't worried about not being picked first... Leon has never been second in anything. Oh, and Leon was born with a mustache.


Before meeting with Leon Sandcastle at 2:15 the media was invited to the pressbox for an "off the record" luncheon at noon with the Chief PR folks, coaching staff, Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey.

Right away I was impressed with Reid, he's real people. He took charge, directed the start of things and cracked some jokes. Immediately Reid put folks at ease, the mark of a leader. Not forced, made up or dishonest... but straightforward stuff.

Each person available from the coaching staff seemed on the same page, very easy going. It was different than last year the first time the Chiefs had this luncheon with the media. More coaches were involved today and everyone seemed to really enjoy the transparency of it all.

Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson was very sociable, talked with myself, Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride and Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated for several minutes.

It was personal, believable and left me feeling good about where the offense in 2013 is headed.

I asked two things of Pederson...get back to beating the Raiders and please, please score more than 13 points per game this season.

There's a good feeling, there always is this time of year. Same thing was happening last season with what the Chiefs were doing. I can say this time is different, but doesn't mean it will be.

What I do know from my day at Arrowhead today are these guys... the new leadership acts like people. They're likeable, real and sound like they have a good plan.

This is what I know right now.

Good day, Chiefs fans!