On Sunday, 414 seniors graduated from Blue Springs South High School at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City.

Erin Whitney was so nervous as she walked into the 2009 Blue Springs South High School graduation, she was trembling.

“I guess I am nervous because I am scared to get out on my own, to start living in the real world,” she said. “No more mom and dad. I will also miss my friends a lot. I am just anxious about what will happen after high school.”

Whitney was one of 414 seniors to graduate from Blue Springs South Sunday at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City. The class featured 130 students who were recognized as honor gradates. These students have maintained at least a 3.5 grade point average during the last seven semesters. The class amassed $2.5 million in scholarships.

“This is a special day for the graduates, their families and all of us here,” said principal Randy Dowell. “They have established a standard of high achievement achievement and excellence.”

Chrissy Andreasen and Jordan Patzke were selected to speak at commencement by the Blue Springs faculty.

Andreasen spoke as if she were writing a note to Blue Springs South itself. She said that although the class has experienced some of the greatest times of their lives, she said “we need to get out in the real world and experience life.”

“We know we will become exactly who we are meant to be,” she said. “We are so excited to encounter new ideas, values and people. We know it won’t be easy, but I’m ready, and I know that we will be ready. Never give up on the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is power and power will get you places in life.”

Patzke said when he thinks of his time at Blue Springs South, he thinks of the people, specifically his friends. He said it is these friendships that have created memories that will be carried on through the years.

“Throughout the years, our friendship have meant so much. Our friends are the ones that truly care and will do anything to help,” he said. “You will be remembered and you will be missed. Remember your friends and how they have always been there.”

Graduate Katie Huonker said she is excited about what is yet to come and is happy that high school is over.

“Enjoy your last year,” she said. “Don’t feel like you have wasted your senior year.”