To the editor:
Abuse is a horrible thing to do to an animal. It hurts them and sometimes even kills them. It makes me sad to think about it. People do it for different reasons and in different ways. Some ways they do it are with a gun or sometimes with their hands, for reasons like some people don’t like them or they think pets don’t have feelings. All those reasons hurt them a lot. According to, dogs are abused more than any other pet. According also to, 13 percent of animal abuse cases have to do with a shooting. After that they sometimes become strays.

Strays live on the street and have a hard life because they have to find their own food and water. They also have to protect themselves from all sorts of things like rain, wind, people and many more things. They do it just to survive. That is why they have a hard life.

Abusing pets or making them strays is not a good thing. So please stop so that they can have a good easier life, stay healthy, because they deserve it.

Bethany Darity is a fourth grader in Maureen Hudson’s class at Blue Hills Elementary School in Independence. The students letters have appeared in The Examiner for several day and will this week as well.