To the editor:

Did you know that hundreds of animals have been mistreated? Here are my three main reasons why I think animals should not be mistreated:

1.It hurts animals if you mistreat them badly.

2. It’s sad when you see animals roaming the streets.

3. Animals can get run over in the streets.

I’ve seen two puppies that have been mistreated. Their owners put them in a plastic crate and put the puppies in a creek without any food or water. It made me cry!

It is against the law to abuse animals. Hundreds of animals are being hurt each year because of animal mistreatment. Dogs, cats and all animals need to be loved instead of being treated badly. Please do not hurt animals. They need to be loved instead of being mistreated. So next time you see a dog, cat, or any animal on the side of the road, help the animals!

Kalysta Lockhart is a fourth grader in Maureen Hudson’s class at Blue Hills Elementary School in
Independence. The students’ letters have been appearing in The Examiner for several days and will this week.